Glory is written in the sky

Good Morning Lake Malawi!

It’s our first weekend away and can I tell you a story? It’s weird to be at a touristic place and enjoy all the luxury without feeling spoiled. We’re so used to see poverty all days that this delicious food and relax time seems very unfair.

But then I woke up at 5.45 this morning (yes, that ís a miracle) and sat on the beach with people from the village. The air wash fresh and the sunrise surprisingly beautiful. And I knew: life is unfair but the most beautiful things are for all of us. ‘Glory is written in the sky, in the turning of the seas. It echoes His majesty. And in the quiet, in the still, there’s His promise for all: there’s more to come!’

[Luister hier het lied: Jenn Johnson – Heaven come]

Heaven Come

You are calling me again
I hear your voice upon the wind
In the quiet in the still


Glory written in the sky
In the turning of the seas
Echoes of your majesty


All that you have done
The promise that there’s more to come
All I am cries out for more of you

Your presence is heaven
Just to be with you
Just to be with you

Your glory all around me
Oh to be with you
I love to be with you

There’s a stirring in my soul
And a fire here within
Deep is calling deep again


Heaven come fill this place
Glory to glory and grace to grace

Here and now your kingdom come
Our God eternal now and forevermore

4 thoughts on “Glory is written in the sky

  1. Hallo Anna,

    Mooi lied. Leuk om zo op de hoogte te blijven van jullie leven daar ver weg. Wij leven hier in alle weelde en overvloed en daar moeten mensen per dag kijken wat er op hun pad komt. Iets om van te leren dat we ons geen zorgen moeten maken voor de dag van morgen.
    Ik wens Gods nabijheid en zorg voor jullie toe.
    Groeten aan Jaco.
    Liefs Agnes

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